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Why Choose Us

Mrs. Shail Tiwari is a certified Career Counselor from CDA-Career Development Alliance (USA), certified to conduct internationally accepted frameworks like MBTI, RAISEC, VARK and others to help students and professionals with their career choices. Ms. Shail Tewari is an Academician turned Career Counsellor with 24 years long experience in Teaching and School Administration. The passion of mentoring students through education earlier and career counselling at present has taken the shape of BodhiCareer. The global economy and technological advances have opened a world of opportunities, at the same time have created career confusion among students and professionals. In the VUCA (Volatile Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous) world today, career mentoring by proficient counsellors has become the need of the hour. Our invaluable solutions help students, parents, and professionals to make informed decisions and avoid career disasters later in their life.

Mrs. Susmita Khan

(Co-founder and CEO)

Mrs. Susmita Khan is a veteran academician and Career Counselor with 22 years of experience in Teaching and Counselling. She is M.A. (English), B. Ed. She worked as a Secondary Teacher, Academic Coordinator, and Principal of CBSE schools.

Ms. Priyanka Shukla

(Manager Operations)

She is an IT graduate with an MBA. She has worked for six years in an HR firm as a manager and has extensive experience in talent acquisition, strategizing, and Process Improvement.

  • Mission

Provide quality career guidance in a professional setup, which is a basic need of students, fresh graduates, professionals and people making a career change.

  • Vision

There are hundreds of careers options, multiple stream combinations and endless career paths. We at Bodhi Career help you to discover your perfect career through our 5+ dimensional career assessment, and a revolutionary approach to career mentoring.

Our Services
Career Analysis for 2nd to 7th class
Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class
Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class
Career Analysis for Professionals
Study Techniques for Success in Exams
Resume Writing and Interview skills training (Marketing Self)
Personality Development & Work-Life Balance
Career Counselling
Informed Career Decisions for a better future
Self awareness, and Self efficacy
Critical Thinking and Creativity
Goal Setting and Conflict Management
Assertiveness and Self Regulation
Confused which career to choose?

School Student 8,9, 10 for stream and subject selection.

11th, 12th student for Career Exploration and Selection

Fresh Graduates starting their professional journey.

Mid-career professional seeking growth.

While transitioning to a new field.

Re-interning the workforce after a break.

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